The Revolutionary Integrated Food and Beverage Stock Audit & Control system

Can StockMaster make use of my client data?
Yes. Specifically tailored software enables migration of most client data to StockManager and the ability to convert individual sites as required avoids the 'big bang' scenario.

What is the easiest way to get support?
As well as the telephone helpline, we provide a modem and software which allows you to access on-line support.

What about updates or upgrades?
Minor application enhancements are available on CD free of charge for the first year. Upgrades are available at extra cost, also on CD.

What happens to support at the end of the first year?
After the first free year, software support will be charged annually and will continue as before.

We currently use reports specific to ourselves.
Is StockManager likely to be able to duplicate these?

Yes. StockManager is highly configurable making it suitable for many different business environments and needs. We would be happy to advise on specific requirements and help you configure your system accordingly as part of the training course we offer. This configurability of reports is just as applicable to all other StockMaster products.


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